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REAL RAILROADING! The world’s oldest and largest source for historic railroad videos.

Classic train DVDs produced from original historic railroad film. Sunday River’s historic rail videos are produced and edited in house. Where necessary, accurate sound has been added for realistic effect. Scrupulous historic research, brings you trackside in eras long gone by. Sunday River’s classic train DVDs are known world wide as the most comprehensive and authoritative available.

View our catalog by clicking on the historic railroad video categories. Our extensive classic rail catalog is being re-mastered on DVD so that access to these treasured train journeys will not be lost. We carry a full range of historic rail and even a “must-have” model railroad DVD. 

We hold ourselves to the tradition of excellence that was established by founder Alva Morrison, a passionate train enthusiast who researched and narrated the films – and occasionally rode the rails with the camera himself. We eagerly solicit your comments. If what you receive from us isn't better than expected, send it back for full refund or exchange. 

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Rambling on the Reading

Double Heading Steam

When one locomotive couldn't handle the job, two joined forces to increase speed or conquer steep grades with heavy loads. Witness spectacular plumes of smoke as double-headed engines roar at maximum effort! 

Rambling on the Reading


Rambling on the Reading


Spectacular footage covers steam trips operated by the Reading Railroad between 1959 and 1964. Highlights from 22 of these forays for steam enthusiasts includes an awesome finale of double headers thundering through a blaze of autumn color. (10 minutes of double heading.)

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Bill McClellan and his son Rob did a fabulous job chasing and filming the very best of these excursions. They ranged from Philadelphia to Wilmington along the banks of the Brandywine River, without doubt one of the most scenic of the Reading Rambles. Others started in New York and were brought to Trenton by the Central of New Jersey. Many went to Gettysburg; others to Hershey. But the most interesting trips went into coal country - the reason for the Reading's existence. To tame the mountain grades, the railroad featured doubleheaded T-1s, often joining two steam-powered sections from different ends of the Reading system to explore the lines north to Tamaqua, Shamokin and West Milton.

T-1s were freight engines and the 'hooter' freight whistle was standard equipment. When revived for passenger service many received the melodious four chime passenger whistles. On many of the doubleheaded trips there is a continuing 'conversation' between the two engines, their two different whistles blending in a lonesome evocation of the days of real steam operations. Throughout the film a variety of Reading diesel engines are seen in the background: covered wagons, RS-ls and 3s and lo-nose hoods. Even a Heisler bustles around a local industry yard. The DVD ends with a roaring salute to steam as a storm of doubleheaders thunder across meadow and mountain, from the early Spring to the last blaze of Autumn.

53 minutes