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REAL RAILROADING! The world’s oldest and largest source for historic railroad videos.

Classic train DVDs produced from original historic railroad film. Sunday River’s historic rail videos are produced and edited in house. Where necessary, accurate sound has been added for realistic effect. Scrupulous historic research, brings you trackside in eras long gone by. Sunday River’s classic train DVDs are known world wide as the most comprehensive and authoritative available.

View our catalog by clicking on the historic railroad video categories. Our extensive classic rail catalog is being re-mastered on DVD so that access to these treasured train journeys will not be lost. We carry a full range of historic rail and even a “must-have” model railroad DVD. 

We hold ourselves to the tradition of excellence that was established by founder Alva Morrison, a passionate train enthusiast who researched and narrated the films – and occasionally rode the rails with the camera himself. We eagerly solicit your comments. If what you receive from us isn't better than expected, send it back for full refund or exchange. 

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Holiday Highlights

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New York City Elevateds: Winter & Summer in the '50s
SNOW SCENES: Winter scenes are intercut with summer footage. Start in the snow on the IRT at 125th St., ride through a blizzard on Myrtle Ave. in Brooklyn and see the hot rail flashing as it shorts in the snow. 

Brill Bullets & the Red Arrow Lines
SNOW SCENES: Follow the Red Arrow Line on a brilliant winter day after a 10” snowfall as cars enveloped in clouds of swirling white hurtle to Norristown. Watch a roller brush track cleaner trying to clear the rails.

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I grew up in the Bronx, NY in the 1950s & 1960s. Your tape NYEL took me back to my youth. I own many tapes of NYC rapid transit but your tape by far is the best I’ve seen yet. Photography and tape transfer are excellent. Thanks again for the memories!
— Silvio M. Guilliani, Long Beach, CA

New York Elevateds: Two great rail photographers combine their talents and careful research to bring the elevated trains of days gone by to your living room: Winter & Summer in the Mid-Fifties by Frank Pfuhler Jr. & Ronald Schliessman.

With every run past identified by map, the film captures as many as possible of the antique cars in operation before the reequipping of rolling stock in the 1950s. The film features gate cars—many built in 1904 and 1905—and glimpses of what was then considered modern: the R12, R14, R15 and the Worlds Fair Blue Bird specials of 1964-65.

Detailed coverage includes such oddities as the Polo Grounds Shuttle, the Dyre Ave line from rags to riches, and conversion of the Myrtle Ave from elevated to subway, as well as crossing gates still at work. In addition to many routine snow scenes, full blown blizzards on the Flushing, Myrtle Ave and Brighton Beach lines are shown.

THE BRONX Pelham Bay Jerome Ave Polo Grounds Shuttle Third Ave White Plains Dyre Ave Putnam Div-NY Central

BROOKLYN & QUEENS Myrtle Ave Brighton Beach Fulton St Flushing Canarsie BMT-Bway

STATEN ISLAND Staten Island Rapid Transit

NEWARK Hudson & Manhattan Tubes Newark City Subway

54 minutes

Brill Bullets: Frank Pfuhler captured Philadelphia's Interurban transit lines in their prime in 1955. His beautifully photographed, razor sharp images have frozen for history what was, at the time, one of the best managed and most successful traction empires in the nation.

West of Philadelphia, across the Schuylkill River, lay a number of residential areas closely linked to the city by the Red Arrow high speed electric lines. In many places the routes traversed what was then almost rural country-side.

The Sharon Hill, the Media, and Ardmore lines are covered in detail as the big red cars depart the 69th street terminal and ramble west from the city across the fields and thru the woods.

The second half of this DVD depicts the high speed, third rail line between Philadelphia and Norristown - the home of the celebrated Brill Bullets. You will see the original Strafford line cars in action. You'll have complete coverage of the entire main line between 69th street and Norristown with the authentic whine and all the characteristic ambiance that only a Brill Bullet could create.

Ten inches of light powder has fallen during the night and now a brilliant February day awaits the photographer on the Media, the Darby and the Brill Line to Norristown. Around Yeadon loop the brush car tries to clear a path and has to back out. Several Brill Bullets are shown at high speed enveloped in swirls of blowing snow.

52 minutes