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REAL RAILROADING! The world’s oldest and largest source for historic railroad videos.

Classic train DVDs produced from original historic railroad film. Sunday River’s historic rail videos are produced and edited in house. Where necessary, accurate sound has been added for realistic effect. Scrupulous historic research, brings you trackside in eras long gone by. Sunday River’s classic train DVDs are known world wide as the most comprehensive and authoritative available.

View our catalog by clicking on the historic railroad video categories. Our extensive classic rail catalog is being re-mastered on DVD so that access to these treasured train journeys will not be lost. We carry a full range of historic rail and even a “must-have” model railroad DVD. 

We hold ourselves to the tradition of excellence that was established by founder Alva Morrison, a passionate train enthusiast who researched and narrated the films – and occasionally rode the rails with the camera himself. We eagerly solicit your comments. If what you receive from us isn't better than expected, send it back for full refund or exchange. 

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Pennsy Pair 2-Set

Pennsylvania Rail

Pennsy Pair 2-Set


Pennsy Pair 2-Set


Best of PRR steam & GG1 electrics

Pennsylvania GG1s: Under the Heat
The GG1 was one of the most famous and long-lived locomotives to operate on the eastern seaboard. Known for its speed, strength and design, it was given its streamlined good looks by the “father of industrial design” Raymond Loewy.

Steam on Horseshoe Curve
Go back to the most famous battleground between steam and gradient in the world. Here is the mightiest steam in the Pennsy stable -- in fact on any railroad roster.

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Under the Heat: Pennsylvania GG1s. Introduced in 1935 by the Pennsylvania Railroad, it ran until the early ‘80s, outliving the railroad that built it. Based on the P-5a, the GG1 was Pennsy’s answer to an electric passenger locomotive that had a steam boiler for heat and could pull more than 14 passenger cars. In the DVD, we start with a brief history of Pennsy Electric engines showing the DD-1, the P-5 (box cab) and P-5A (streamlined) and explain the circumstances that led to the development of the GG-1. A wide variety of freight and passenger trains are shown, almost all on the high speed, four track raceway between Washington and New York: The Congressional, The Senator, The George Washington, The Crescent, The Silver Meteor and many others. GG1s cross The Great Susquehanna and the Delaware River bridges, the Port Road to Harrisburg and both arrive and depart Washington, D.C. and Penn Station in New York. See Sunnyside Yard where the famous "name" trains were stored and assembled and Wilmington Shops from where the GG-1s were dispatched. Catch the famous Tuscan Red GG-1 #4877 in action. The DVD closes with third rail action along the Harlem River on the New York Central and dwells on the New Haven FL-9s arriving and leaving 125th Street station. All color except footage of the P-5s. 24 minutes

Steam on Horseshoe Curve. Rare B&W footage from the 1930s and 1940s shows the K-4, M-1 (Mountain) and J class (2-10-4 Texan) engines. Plus see the famed I Class Decapods. 600 of these 2-10-0s, made the Pennsylvania’s the largest fleet in the world. This moving visual history displays E-6 Atlantics, heavyweight Pullmans and brass rail observations climbing the curve. Sync sound scenes include the famous “banshee whistle”. See many high-speed run pasts rounding the curve from trackside plus views from on board and in the cab. Color footage from the 1940s and 1950s presents a spectacle of double and triple headers on the famous Horseshoe Curve in summer with the T-1 4-4-4-4s and Q-2 4-4-6-4s. The DVD closes with the arrival of the diesels: a Baldwin Centipede, E-7s and E-8s and, finally, the lo-nose hoods. 50 minutes